Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Login is back!

Ok, I had some spare time and rebuild the login, register, save and load server side code for the new platform.

All old accounts and save games are gone, sorry.

I also noticed I completely forgot Khador in the last datafile update, will do that next. Together with some minor problems with the current data.


  1. I'm sorry to tell you but not, it is not ;) I tried to register a couples of times today and I couldn't.

    BTW, it is a nice job, thanks a lot.

  2. Same by me... I tried to register and more than 10 times now and I couldn't make it.

    But thank you, for reinstalling the collector. It is a way easier and makes my heart a little lighter when I see how much of my army is already painted and where I have to work more to achieve a 100%.

  3. Me three, tried multiple times but unable to create a logon and sign in. Love to have the collector back, such a great tool.

  4. I just tried to register too. Not sure what's up but the registration never seems to complete.

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