Sunday, April 10, 2011

Internet Explorer should work again!

Sorry for screwing up and thanks for the patience and help!
(testing on IE is a bitch on my current setup... should work on that)


  1. (the collection manager button still seems to be missing in IE and maybe FF 4.0 but that is for another day)

  2. there seems to be a problem with eVlad tier bonus on IFU. the discount appers but when you select them it goes away and it says 7 points instead of 6.

  3. I apologize in advance for my remark. The program is really great and I use it regularly.

    But I liked to be able to pass a "normal" list to "tier" one without difficulty. I find that creating an army is more difficult now.

  4. I agree with Frédéric, it was a lot nicer to use before the change.

    On other notes, no discounts or free model functions work in the tier lists.
    And I lvoe the fact that you cna apparently take House Shyeel Magisters in eLylyths Ravens of War tier ;)

    Still love that you're doing this site :)

    Cheers ^^

  5. The Skorne and Trollbloods are switched up in the Collection Tracker. If you click Skorne, you get Trolls and vice-versa.

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